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"To plan, organize and train for both the peacetime mission of providing administrative, training, and logistical support to our units."

The RIARNG is committed to ensuring environmental compliance standards are met at each facility and during all operations conducted by RIARNG units. To achieve this goal, consideration is given to the overall effects of proposed actions during the early stages and throughout planning, organization and conduct of operations and military construction projects. Environmental considerations and sound work practices throughout the decision-making process will provide necessary stewardship and assure all federal, state and local requirements are met.

Environmental Office Goals:

• Provide guidance of environmental programs and improvement for operations of the RIARNG.
• Ensure environment considerations are an integral part of RIARNG decision making.
• Minimize adverse environmental impacts while maximizing readiness of Soldiers.
• Monitor operations to ensure compliance of applicable federal, state, and local laws.
• Support Department of Defense sustainability programs such as energy use reduction, recycling and conservation of cultural and natural resources.

Final EA_RIARNG Camp Fogarty_Dec2016.pdf

Environmental Branch
705 New London Ave
Cranston, Rhode Island 02929
Fax: (401) 275-4071


Mr. DalpeSupport; Training;
Ms. GianfrancescoHM/HW; EPCRA; Spill Prevention; Storm/Wastewater; Cleanup &
MAJ LabineProgram Management; EMS;
Ms. StefanikCultural/Natural Resources; Solid Waste & Recycling; Environmental
Mr. WilburEPAS; Air Program; AST/UST; Drinking Water; Pesticide/Herbicide