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RI-Bahamas State Partnership Program
"Security Through Cooperation"




General Background

The State Partnership Program (SPP) links U.S. states and partner nations in support of mutual interests. The goal of the program is to establish broad reaching, friendly ties between partner states and partner countries at all levels of society utilizing the National Guard as the catalyzing force and means of support.

RI-Bahamas Partnership

The Rhode Island - Bahamians partnership was established in 2005. Past exchanges have involved medical operations, corrections, higher education and commerce. In 2012 the Commodore, Royal Bahamas Defense Force visited Rhode Island as the RING took part in Vigilant Guard.


• Improve military interoperability between US and Partner Nation forces.
• Demonstrate military subordination and support to civilian authorities.

Process and Relationships

Through the office of the Adjutant General, personal and institutional relationships are developed that can be sustained over the long term. RING facilitates military to military engagements.

Focus areas for the RI-Bahamian SPP based upon the US NORTHCOM Theatre Campaign Plan

1. Computer Network Defense
2. Consequence Mitigation
3. Military Police Operations
4. Infantry Operations
5. Sustainment / Institutional Development





 State Partnership Program



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