• Soldier & Family Readiness Support

    The Soldier & Family Readiness Support Services Mission is to empower commanders in their duty to deliver the Total Army Family Program (AR 600-20 & CNGBI 1800.02) so that Soldiers and Families are entitled, informed, educated, assisted, and made ready for the unique demands of military life before, during, and after deployment. Soldier & Family Readiness Specialists(SFRS) maintain the continuity and stability of SFRGs as units undergo changes in volunteers and leadership.  They provide administrative and logistical support services to commanders, RDCs, and SFRG Leaders for multiple SFRGs and provide training services to SFRGs and the Command Leadership Team regarding roles and responsibilities as it relates to Family Readiness.

    Contact numbers: (401)275-1242



    Email: ng.ri.riarng.mbx.sfac@mail.mil